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Jersey Devils Pucking DONE!

Well as I said a few articles ago, I thought the New Jersey Devils would make it into the playoffs this season, way wrong. Actually they had a chance until they blew two games to the last placed Senators and another loss to the Capitals, by the way the Caps had 12 shots that game and won 3-0.

Uhhh OK Devils, way to make a late season run, get everyone’s hopes up in Jersey then BLOW two games to the Senators and a game to the Capitals.

I don’t know what is more pucking embarrassing for this team.
1 – The horrific season
2 – Two losses to the last placed Senators when the points were so valuable
3 – A loss to a Capitals team who only had 12 shots the entire game.

I am going with choice three. That has to be the most pathetic thing in hockey. Maybe if it happened before the All Star break I could understand. But it happened when the Devils starting winning games and taking everyone by surprise.


Ah who am I kidding, It pretty much summed up the Devils this season, can’t believe I was actually surprised at that loss. And to make matters worse…

…Now they are trying to get Zach Parise back into the lineup with 7 games remaining.


Ok let’s look at this realistically. Say the Devils win their remaining 7 games (be lucky to win 3 if that). That would give them a total of 87 points for the season. The 8th placed Sabres have 85. The Sabres would have to lose every game from here on out and not reach overtime in any of their remaining games. And this is just the Sabres we are talking about, not the remaining teams fighting for that final 8th spot. (Maple Leafs, Hurricanes and Thrashers)

Thinking about it, it is the Sabres we are talking about. Nothing to spectacular for that team. But again realistically, the Devils would need them to not gain one point from here on out, same applies for the other teams ahead of the Devils that are below the 8th spot.

So again, why push Parise back into the lineup? Just to get his legs moving, then all of a sudden it’s the end of the season and your watching the playoffs from home or on the golf course.

Let the guy rest with just 7 games remaining. Honestly do we expect him to come out and rack up all these points knowing the playoffs are a loss cause? Does anyone expect any player to come out racking up points knowing their team is done in less than two weeks?

Or is it just to sell more tickets because of how pucking horrible this season has been for the Devils? Yeh that is most likely it. But doubt they will sell much more unless they expect 15 year old girls go see Parise play.


Better luck next year Devils. In the meantime find another player who can score goals and help Ilya Kovalchuk out. And try not to let Kovalchuk fight again, it was rather embarrassing. And this comes from a guy who idolizes Kovalchuk.

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