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Drunk, Overweight Fan Is Jealous Of Wayne Simmonds

You have a 44 year old hockey mom sleeping with their son’s under-aged team mates one week. Then the next week you have a fan from Ontario throwing a Banana at Philadelphia Flyers, Wayne Simmonds during a shootout attempt, on which he did score on!

You would think though since it’s 2011 the whole racism in hockey is dead, but not if you are from Ontario. Seems like they don’t like colored people in the game of hockey.

I’m not one for racism, but if a certain player brings a lot of heat onto himself and karma eventually just catches up to him, then fine, so be it.

But Wayne Simmonds!? What has this guy ever done to have a banana thrown at him!?

He is a very talented hockey player, who will most likely put up 20+ goals a season, and be a very aggressive grinder for the Flyers, which will win all of Philly over.

And with that said, what does it matter what color the player is? Or where the player is from?

But to be honest, Simmonds is from Ontario and maybe he left there leaving bad blood behind. I have been to many hockey games and I never seen a banana being sold at an NHL game. And if this is the case, it’s most likely some drunk, now over weight ex hockey player who missed him time to make it in the NHL.

Wayne Simmonds I hope you put the puck where grandma hides the peanut butter, all season long!

There are numerous Tweets on-line, offering cash rewards for the person responsible

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1 Comment

  1. Mitch
    September 24, 2011    

    This was disgusting. I’m glad he scored though.

    And you’re probably right, some drunk, overweight scumbag in Ontario just jealous of Simmonds success in the NHL.

    Let’s GO Flyers and Simmonds!