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Anybody could look at two opposing NHL teams, trust a “gut feeling” and make an ultimately sound pick half the time.

Consistency is entirely different.

I’ve spent nearly 4 years trusting much more than my “gut.” I could stand on any street corner handing out money, and it would be about the same thing as my weekly free NHL picks and betting strategies.

Layers upon layers of pivotal factors exist beneath any match-up’s hype. My weekly picks will tell you not only who to favor and why, but how much money you should lay out. One such pick each day is simply my gift to any NHL fan wise enough to trust the thought I put into it.


No team can win without a goalie in a groove when he’s in the crease. It’s arguably hockey’s most pressure-packed position. That last line of defense has to always hold. I look long and hard at who seems to be blocking shots in The Matrix like catching frisbees in slow-motion.

After all, no matter what the other five men on the ice do, the buck always stops with the net-minder’s one and only objective: stop the puck.


With its fluid nature and perpetual movement, hockey will always be a game of five men operating as one. Chemistry must always come first. I examine how each line’s individual pieces come together, complement their strengths, and offset any weaknesses.

Line Changes

Hockey is unlike most other sports in that substitution situations rarely stop the action. There’s an art to teams seamlessly swapping lines in and out, from the rhythm with which lines take and leave the ice, to which line enters the fray in which moment.

Since it’s a science, I put that rhythm closely under the microscope and tell you who won’t miss a beat.


Styles make match-ups. Sometimes, it’s a matter of which two teams with similar styles plays that particular card the best. Others, it’s a clash between differing approaches, such as speed and finesse trying to outwit punishing physicality.

I’ll tell you exactly who stands to execute their game the best as the periods unfold.

Recent Trends

Finally, as with any sport, hockey can be won or lost routinely with momentum. Players or even whole teams hit streaks for better or worse that carry them through stretches. Sometimes, a team hits upon a perfect strategy and employs it again and again to successful effect. Sometimes, injuries, slumps and wear-and-tear plague team and causes it to adjust play for a long period.

I’ll tell you what the recent past says about the present and future.

Pucking Hockey

Watch my picks for yourself. See how often the games play out exactly as my free NHL picks break them down. Once you’ve done that and seen my results, you’ll understand why I say that giving away one pick per day along with betting amounts that tell you just how certain I am about the outcome is like actual laying crispy bills right in your palm.

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