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Whatever You Can Do, I Can Do Better – Crosby or Malkin?

It’s funny how things happen in the NHL, especially to the Pittsburgh Penguins. If you don’t follow the sport much, you will probably think I’m making this up.

Last season when Sidney Crosby was sidelined with a concussion it was Evgeni Malkin who carried the load proving he’s the better all around player in Pittsburgh.

This season, it’s now Evgeni Malkin sidelined with a concussion meanwhile Crosby is healthy and ready to play the game “what ever you can do, I can do better”

Sound familiar?

Crosby and MalkinIn the 2011-2012 season, Sidney Crosby only played 22 games and many thought the Penguins season would go down the drain. No, Evgeni Malkin stepped up his game – never knew it was possible for Malkin to play better than he already has – and carried the load scoring 109 points. Pretty much making Crosby non existent in Pittsburgh.

In 18 games played this season Malkin has 4 goals, 17 assists for 21 points. He was diagnosed with a concussion on February 25th 2013 and in my opinion, will be out of the Penguins line up for a long time. Probably for the rest of the season.

When he went back first into the boards behind the net, his head snapped back and slam into the boards. To make matters worse, he experienced memory loss.

In Crosby’s first game playing “what ever you can do, I can do better”. He exploded scoring 2 goals while adding 1 assist. He led the Penguins to a 5-3 victory over the Lightning. OK, I get it. It was the Bolts, and they are a mess on defense and in net. But it will be very interesting to see how Sid the Kid reacts on the ice, knowing he has to “pay back” Malkin.

Is it karma, is it fate? Whatever it is, it’s very ironic how this is all panning out in Pittsburgh.

In my opinion, Malkin is a great player, top 3 in the NHL. But there’s a reason why Sidney Crosby is the captain and there’s a reason why he makes everybody around him better. If I were a Penguins fan, I would be much more confident this season with Crosby leading the way rather than Malkin from last year.

Come on, there’s a reason why Crosby has 405 assists in 453 games played so far in his young career.

Another interesting thing to keep an eye on, is to see if Malkin tries to rush back into the lineup. I doubt the Penguins would allow him, after going through this with Crosby they know to let Malkin take all the time that he needs. Especially since it’s a short season, Malkin probably benefits more than Crosby has in the past. But I can see Malkin’s ego getting in the way.

He can’t let Crosby be the center of attention, can he?

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  1. kyle
    February 25, 2013    

    Crosby because he always seems calm and never lets his emotions get the best of him….oh wait….never mind…..Malkin it is

  2. Greg
    February 25, 2013    

    Sid the kid is better than Malkin with out any doubt. Like you said, he makes everyone around him better. Malkin can only make himself better when he is surrounded by players who can shoot (Neal)