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Chicago Blackhawks Regulation Loss Comes In March

“Why don’t you pick the Blackhawks to win every game, they have yet to lose in regulation”?

Crawford and EmeryI get asked this question a lot, cause you know, I predict Daily NHL Predictions. As a matter of fact I did pick the Chicago Blackhawks to win, it was my first pick of the 2013 NHL season. They won, and still have not lost in regulation.

Well for us odds players, if we would have been tailing them all season, based off of $100 wagers, we would be showing a profit of $1,224 with a record of 16-0-3. That’s really incredible, but no one expected this kind of run from the Blackhawks.

But now that they have yet to lose in regulation and they are the only team, besides the Anaheim Ducks, consistently winning, should be start tailing them?

Vegas is dying for people like us to place wagers on the Blackhawks and their heavy favorite money line odds are showing it. In the Blackhawks last 7 games their odds were: -180(OT), -300, -145, -120(OT), -160, -145, -160(OT L).

Of those games with those very high priced odds, the Blackhawks only lost one game and it was when they were -160 money line favorites. Of those last 7 games, only once did they win by more than 2 goals, they rest were 1 goal victories with 3 going into over time.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Vegas will continue to make them heavy money line favorites with odds of -150 and higher during the month of March

“As long as they keep winning, who cares what the odds are, right”?

NO, very pucking wrong!

All streaks eventually come to an end in the NHL and although this Blackhawks team is very strong up and down their roster, they will eventually lose in regulation. But like I said in the opening of this article, to use gamblers, we already saw 3 losses to the Hawks. Just because it wasn’t in regulation doesn’t mean – in gambling – they haven’t lost yet.

Here’s my advice.

The Blackhawks will eventually lose a regulation game in the month of March, along with a few more losses, showing us a very small profit for the month, or none at all. They have two back to back games in March along with a 4 game road trip in the middle of the month. They play the Colorado Avalanche three times this month, twice in one week. This is where you will see them finally lose in regulation.

For us odds players, expect the Blackhawks to be money line favorites from March 6th through March 20th with odds of at least ranging between -130 and -180 (or higher, we can only hope).

Between March 6th and March 20th, if you see the Blackhawks being favored at -160 and higher, fade them. This is where they face the Avalanche twice in one week and the start of their 4 game road trip. Where they will play the Blue Jackets, Stars, Avalanche (for the 3rd time this month) and Ducks.

That’s 7 games total, we get at least 3 losses (+150 or higher odds on the opposing teams) during that stretch, you will make a profit. Now of course, don’t go ahead and invest $100 per 7 games totaling $700. You have to take other stuff into consideration still, but why don’t you let us do the hard work for you, and you just sit back and collect?

I’m not claiming the Blackhawks will be awful during the month of March, but when it comes to betting, you can bet your bottom dollar they are the team to fade this month with the odds in our favor of course. (March 6th – March 20th).

The team to beat the Blackhawks in regulation?

Giving the Colorado Avalanche will see them three times this month, I’m putting my money on the Avs to beat them. When it comes to betting, I’m sure they will beat them at least once this month and I’m sure they will be a +160 money line underdog.

Which game of the 3 and why?¬†We will just have to wait and see as these dates closer approach…

Until then….

Be sure to check with our Daily NHL Predictions where you will see our free NHL picks and picks for the Chicago Blackhawks.

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  1. Adam
    February 28, 2013    

    “and they are the only team, besides the Anaheim Ducks, consistently winning” So I guess the Bruins 12-2-2 isn’t considered consistent enough?

    • George Pappas
      February 28, 2013    

      I should have been a little clearer about that statement. I meant in the West. This article is purely based around the Blackhawks and west teams (since they don’t play any east teams this season)

      I agree though, the Bruins are winning consistently.

      • Adam
        February 28, 2013    

        Ah, well in that case- I completely agree! (though I suppose it’s not really possible to disagree with the numbers)