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I have been handicapping hockey since 2010, and have the documentation to back my records up. I’ve also been playing and watching hockey since I was 8 years old. It takes a hockey fan and long time hockey player to completely understand this sport. You can look at trends, stats, line combinations and NHL starting goalies – that’s just half of the work involved when handicapping hockey.


Pucking Hockey is literally the best hockey handicapper that one can come across. Pucking hockey has been the documented NHL & MLB Expert Hockey Handicapping service since 2010, providing free hockey predictions, free baseball predictions.

Though people have had several speculations and suspicions regarding pucking hockey, as to whether it is a scam or it is not, let’s clarify this here once and for all. Pucking Hockey is an expert hockey and baseball handicapping service made with sincere dedication and loyalty. These rumors arise because Pucking hockey provides Free NHL Hockey Picks and Predictions, something which is extremely hard work and takes up a lot of time. It is thus unfathomable for people who somebody could spend this much time and work this hard and offer all these for free!

This is largely explained by the fact that the man behind all this has been handicapping hockey since 2010. He has also been playing and watching hockey since the age of eight. Thus, being a passionate fan of hockey and being a long time hockey player himself, it makes complete sense as to why Pucking Hockey provides free and detailed documented NHL and MLB hockey picks every day.

The nightly hockey and baseball predictions, NHL starting goalies and expert sports handicapping services are all completed by gathering information regarding trends, stats, line combinations and NHL starting goalies and several more involving handicapping hockey which is taken care of to the tiniest detail by picking hockey. This is what makes pucking hockey so different and brilliant at what it does.

So what makes pucking hockey different and better than others around? Pucking hockey puts in so much effort, working for long hours, 7 days a week. Through their hard work, they ensure you get the most valuable investment picks of the season. In comparison to others, who offer their hockey picks, their services for free. They, however do not out in as much effort as pucking hockey such as working for long hours for as many days, paying little attention and care to how good an investment you are making.

They merely sift through the games that very same day, and put up random suggestions. Their work barely involves any meticulous calculations or careful observations as they simply pick the money line favorites, pick their favorite teams or they most likely put on the front whichever team the media seems to publicize the most.

Thus with free NHL picks, free MLB picks, free hockey & baseball predictions and Expert Hockey Handicapping services, pucking hockey is the best handicapping hockey service available!

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