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Welcome to Pucking Hockey, your source for NHL Hockey Picks Predictions. We have been handicapping hockey since 2011, and we have the documentation to back our records up.

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Pucking Hockey

Our group of hockey handicappers have been playing and watching hockey since they were nearly 8 years old. It takes a hockey fan and player, to completely understand this sport, and by achieving this you have to grow up playing and learning this great game of hockey at a very young age. Unless you’re the next Dustin Byfuglien, you can then start playing hockey in high school, but you have to be a big mother-pucker to make it into the big show by starting to skate late in life.

Besides the Byfuglien scenario, playing and watching hockey at a young age is the sole reason why we have been profitable in NHL Hockey Picks Predictions since we started Pucking Hockey.

You can look at trends, stats, line combinations and NHL starting goalies – that’s just half of the work involved when handicapping NHL hockey. But the other half does involve understanding the game on and off the ice. You won’t find that with many other NHL hockey handicappers that claim they’re the “best” or they are going to “shut down Vegas“.

Are you Pucking serious? You’re going to shut down Vegas? Then do what when sports betting no longer exists? Pucking clowns in this business think they can just dive right into hockey handicapping, a business that does not happen overnight.

It takes years to learn this game and if you don’t believe us, take a look at Alexander Ovechkin. He entered the league as the “next great” and he’s been far from that. He has seen 3 head coaches come and go and he – as every other professional hockey player – is still learning the game.

As are we….

Hockey changes season after season. There are several trades and free agent signings every year, and it’s a lot for the average sports investor to not only remember, but to keep programmed in their minds for when they handicap hockey.

Free NHL Hockey Picks Predictions

It’s not easy – we get it – but that’s why Pucking Hockey exists. We put in the long 10 hour days 7 days a week during the season seeking out those guaranteed winners. We do provide Free NHL Hockey Picks Predictions but not often. Sure you can follow other sports handicapping services that release all of their NHL picks for free, but here is the cold hard truth about those services…..

If they are all free sports picks, they are NOT putting in the long 10 hour days 7 days a week caring where your money is placed. They simply take a quick glimpse of all the games that current day, and either pick all huge money line favorites or pick their own favorite teams, which are all biased picks anyways.

Is that where you want your money going? Straight to the books!? Be careful when tailing someone’s free NHL picks, not everything in this world is free.

Be sure to check out our available sports packages for more information and if you have any questions either comment below or email us: puckinghockey@gmail.com (we respond back to emails with-in 20 minutes – simply because we care about our clients)

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